Universally, there were two attributes every presenter mentioned, and a third mentioned roughly by half. The attribute that always took precedence, and was deemed to be the most important thing to be possessed by a lawyer, was credibility. Absolutely above-the-board, more important than anything else, top-shelf credibility was the most important trait listed by every judge and lawyer.

Watching Game Of Thrones Season 1, Episode 6 with Husband

  • James: Ok, well I thought this was a great show until they thought I was an idiot. Do these guys really think ANYONE believes you can melt gold in 2 minutes in a pot over a CAMPFIRE?
  • Kelly: The pot was probably there for months, like, heating up.
  • James: IT JUST HAD WATER IN IT. If it was hot enough to melt gold it would be too hot for water!! Water would evaporate on contact!! If it was hot enough to melt gold EVERYONE IN THAT TENT WOULD BE DEAD! It would have to be 2000F!!!
  • Kelly: Like that sweat lodge accident in the US?
  • James: Yes. I can't fucking believe they just ruined this show for me.
  • Kelly: Babe, they don't even have real seasons... it's magic.
  • James: Mythological magic is fine... this is BASIC SCIENCE.
Humanity’s new means of unleashing energies with godlike agency to alter life’s genetic blueprints, the very DNA of existence, forms by far the most consequential of the changes that Einstein warned us about. The stunning failure of Japanese and international responses so far to Fukushima’s radioactive emissions—emissions that could skyrocket at any moment beyond the wallop of what would be emitted from a full-fledged nuclear war — constitutes a tragic confirmation of Einstein’s worst fears. More than any other crisis to date, the nuclear debacle at Fukushima illustrates the failure of our species, but especially those who put themselves forward as our leaders, to adapt old ways of thinking to the changes ushered in by the splitting of the atom.